Enter in March, from new media operation to App cold start


When I first came to

in fact, I don’t know if I should be doing operations or products, everyone says this post product is good, but I think their technology is not very understand, but operations and products have the same place, relatively speaking, a little better in the operation, I chose the operation. In fact, many people have come into contact with me, and my current feeling is that the operation is more suitable for new entrants. So I started with the new media business.

new media operations:

just came, the company WeChat public number just started, boss think I can try to take WeChat operation, let me try. I see every day, every day, at that time can not see the contents of thirty public numbers, from the content of the first to plan our play. After doing practical things with a small activity, but on the third day when we are on the line, there are major media forwarded a rumor article, we put the activity down. That is the first to do the activities of the page, was called into the dog, the whole office is looking at it. But now look back, that time had enough slag, when the prototype map is painted with word, see also collapse. Think about technology……

summed up the new media dry two weeks, my harvest is not much, after all, the operation of this work is to accumulate for a long time.

necessary skills should be mastered, mastered and mastered. Such as PS, simple Axure, etc., these two things, it is best to understand a little, not too much, a little enough. Improve relations with technology, improve relations and improve relations. If the technology does not bother you, you are useless crying. Be careful with what you do.

activities planning operations:

later feel for the text, make WeChat more strenuous, just like the boss: I proposed to do the new media is not very suitable for text, this thing in the short term exercise does not come out; mainly companies also need to immediately get started, my side is the overall view of the advantages and has. Therefore, changed to the activity plan operation this side. Here, in fact, I am a person, in this period of time, planning three activities, the main harvest is Axure will use, know how to write product documentation; the most critical point, and technology do a good job relationship.

in a short period of time, the three event, once larger, is considered a voting activity. From the page prototype to the prize distribution, my colleagues and I have done, but the effect is generally. Later summed up, as operations, skills do not need to fine, enough on the line. But the most important ability is the logic of careful thinking, each step possible situation, it is best comprehensive planning good.

user operations: because the activity is doing well, and our communities are showing a stagnant growth situation, I was temporarily transferred to do this. Because the product is delicacy class social tools, I will sell adorable, make impromptu comic gestures and ramarks. It’s nice to mix in the community. Mixing the community is a really interesting thing to do