Enterprise website operation that small matter, regression simple, acme

I have always thought that the website operation is a sensitive topic, at least in the webmaster circles, why? Because the word heard too much, know too many people, Feng Zhiqiang thinks that he dare not write have little talent and less learning, good display slight skill before an expert, even, if writing is not good, must be N people spray.

In fact, the

website operation this thing as well as love, each have a hobby, but the ultimate goal is to orgasm, as for you to ask how to do? I’m sorry to say no, I just told you, undressed, go to bed, the following action, ourselves.


website is like this, we said, write a lot, Feng Zhiqiang looked for a long time to see a lot of articles, which dare to write, in fact, everyone in the fur, writing concept, analysis of the case, or is a belated effort not knowing, a classic case is the need at the right time, you want to copy a basic is impossible. Feng Zhiqiang has summed up all the expert, with their simple experience, to pull a masturbation, following blow.

opening of the pen: what business is a

.That is all related to web site operators work of the late

encyclopedia, including promotion, flow analysis, user tracking, marketing planning and so on, too deep, not a little strength at will zouhuorumo, I probably simplified, suitable for enterprise website operation, Feng Zhiqiang believes that the so-called operation is in fact to fix three issues: 1, 2, traffic problem; problem; 3, feedback problem. It’s that simple. In fact, the simplest ones are the ones that we throw away most easily, and the reason for these failures is that we throw away what we shouldn’t throw away.

1, no traffic flow is the basis, everything is nonsense.

yes, traffic, don’t talk to me more what directional flow, what a valid user, even if you do not have the directional flow cannot be fixed, you also talk about what the user analysis, if your site a day will come to 100 users of a bird, even if you are analyzed, the results of data collection reliability so how high? So, the first step is to fix website operation flow, what kinds of promotion means, all kinds of methods are used, which can bring traffic to achieve the ultimate, take the webmaster most often do outside the chain, send you one day 10 tomorrow, suddenly one day a guy out figure 100 the chain website ranking, certainly more than you. No technique, no insider. The only thing to remember is: do it in the dead,


huge traffic data to talk about the user analysis, only the large flow you can find what you need is the flow, which can produce two times the flow of consumption, which is suitable for traffic and reputation, loyal users to do maintenance. All of this analysis is the need for robust data support, there is no huge flow how did you get to these data, only a few employees to think? Or by a day of several IP sites that little data are clearly not rely on "?