nventory analysis — choice of words anymore domestic venture capital circles active VC mechanism

review: the list in the list of institutions of 786 investment events, seed Angel round of 395, the proportion reached 50.3%.

launched in 2015 inventory of the unicorn club, Horse Club, horse soaring valuations list three related startups, IT launched the next orange is analysis of the VC mechanism and the angel investment institutions inventory, this is one of the active list VC institutions are single, with IT included investment information as the orange talk about venture capital circles anymore to choose material.

in this list, we almost cover the name of many mainstream domestic VC institutions so far emerged, including the dollar funds and RMB funds. In fact, compared to angel investment in this new thing, risk / venture capital in China has gradually matured, China has become the world’s second largest venture capitalist country. In the past more than and 20 years, it is precisely because of their presence and presence, there is a batch of excellent Internet Co was born. Now, at the moment the big storm surge in entrepreneurship, the entire VC industry is changing, in an attempt to better adapt and grasp this wave, one of the typical performance is part of the sense of smell VC slowly to the early investment and front migration. In the list of institutions in the list, we see in their contribution to the 786 investment events, the seed Angel round on the 395, accounting for up to 50.3%.

The specific

we may wish to look at the list, of course, we also reiterate: this list is mainly based on IT data acquisition from the public, and orange partners and its own channels, included in the scope of certain defects and deficiencies, and even investment in related institutions are lack of information, we welcome suggestions and data supplement for us.

The basic situation of

data: this list is based on nearly 400 major VC IT orange investment agency database records the investment information to the nearly 400 institutions recorded a total of 5664 investment events, the number of companies involved in about more than 4 thousand home. Among them, the list of the top 20 institutions in the number of recorded events is from the beginning of the number of companies involved in about more than 2 thousand in 2718.


ranking: IDG capital, Sequoia, Jingwei firmly occupy the top

IT orange data show that ranked in the active mechanism, no doubt is IDG capital, Sequoia and latitude three strong dollar funds accounted for, and in the total number of investment projects, the three is far more than a few behind the house, even more than doubled.

if the three we comb the institutions this year, changes in the investment strategy and the layout of the time will find that they are more active entrepreneurs choose to contact, hope you can move and change in seed period. For example, IDG capital in August this year set up a 90 fund, and set up specifically for this