More and more difficult, the future of WeChat’s third party has three directions

review: as long as according to the rules, the author believes that the third party does not like the outside world that WeChat will become the spread of parasites, did not imagine that interests equally, on an equal footing. Instead, it became a connector on WeChat’s mobile commerce. A link between businesses and users of the underlying trading system, businesses, shops, businesses, fans, operators of the chain.


recently, in the 2014 Tencent Worldwide Partner Conference, WeChat open platform assistant general manager Zeng Ming announced an important initiative: WeChat will face third party open platform targeted specialized interface, to obtain the business information management. The announcement of the news caused a lot of turmoil in the industry, many developers believe that this move will mean that WeChat formally accepted third party service providers, third parties will usher in new development. Throughout WeChat and third party development process, to see how the third parties to connect WeChat ecology. (a partner meeting details, refer to the titanium media previously reported "Tencent Ren Yu Xin: open platform will be connected to the intelligent hardware and line service, will create a" Internet, "Tencent next focus: Hardware; the hardware itself is also diversified into the future development of


stage 1: from running in to joining forces,

Since March 2013, WeChat

for the third party open interface to the end of November began to rectify the large number of fake and shoddy purchasing and marketing circle of friends WeChat attitude on the third party has been the official said, WeChat and third party developers to build ecological. It can be said that this time is micro business, but also the third party developers and WeChat honeymoon period. Although there will be some small friction, but eventually it is calm.

the main reason is because of the traditional industries, the development of information, even the net capacity is limited, and its Tencent in addition to the early market development, cannot put a strong push force, docking each industry and businesses, to customize the program. WeChat has not yet built a sound ecology, the need to use the forces of all parties to staking. Although the integration of the next line of business of this cake is relatively large, but it is a thankless task, focus on the user experience of Zhang Xiaolong will certainly not willing to do that, as cable sex to the third party to do, jointly build a WeChat ecosystem.

second stage: from competition to demonstration

the end of May this year, a sudden "WeChat store" incoming messages will be between WeChat and the third party to the developers a time is insecure in the teeth of the storm. Although the third party is already expected to have this day, but as the "national team" before the launch of the "Twitter Life", "Tencent, WeChat Honeybells" shop this hurricane seems to come more violent, some small and micro team not dissolve itself is another it industry. When the sun shines into the summer of July, it all seems to usher in a turning point, the WeChat team began to send a large number of official instructors "WeChat public class" national speaking tour, set up in all walks of life to follow the benchmark case. >