Why do so many webmaster emphasize insist two words

whether it is at the edge of the ideal and reality novice, or experience loss has been all about the birds achieve success and win recognition, adhere to the "in site operation". "Dare to adhere to, good at persistence" has become the motto of many webmaster. Is this accident? No, why so many webmaster emphasized "to" two words, of course there are reasons behind it.

If the

website wants to succeed, we must insist on asking, which successful webmaster will deny his success, not benefit from being in the verge of despair, silently insist and search hard. Many webmaster friends fail which is not because they can not insist or not to stick to it? No matter whether to stationmaster this industry have a clear understanding, either for the inevitable or accidental reasons in the webmaster circles, since the choice, in addition to insist, no choice, otherwise it will be back tomorrow night and see tomorrow’s sun. Usually we only care about others fly high, do not know others fly tired, successful webmaster is "fly" to high success, because successful webmaster in others gave up still insist on quietly, maybe he is kneeling in front, but more people have to lie down. Kneeling people will certainly be more tired than lying down, so in the attention of others "fly" is not high at the same time, to learn to analyze his "flying" tired not tired, success is not accidental, it is the precipitation of sweat. Because can withstand "tired", so will fly "high", and dare to kneel forward talent is dare to adhere to, webmaster friend, you often lie down?


insisted that in fact, it is very difficult, in addition to the above reasons, we all stressed that "perseverance" also lies in the insistence that it is really difficult. The National People’s Congress to tighten website someone in the face of the status quo, put sesame watermelon harvest, but also to accept the reality of fuel test, many owners are full-time, website does not have income, there is no economic source, peers around may be in the office with a fixed salary, get up at 8 every day, sleep 10 at night, their life though not petty bourgeoisie, but not as our webmaster hard to make ends meet every month. Maybe this time in front of a job, we give up our website, want to do the freedom of occupation, the use of the network to build up the family fortunes, although the idea is good, but we must first fill the stomach. So, give up. We cannot say that this kind of webmaster do not dare to insist, but at the same time, the courage to uphold the stick should be good at, or as long as we will have experience or lessons, how to put the lessons of failure into success experience, which relates to the problem to stick to it. Insist on not blindly adhere to, look at the experience of others, take up, if not every day to ensure the flow up, but we must ensure that every day of harvest and progress.

the best "stick" is less to do all the webmaster all know, but each person to adhere to the two word understanding is not the same, and many webmaster friends easily influenced by other people’s thoughts, always love to concept and.