The user experience is really bad from the user registration input authentication code

does not need to verify the code can be, for old netizens, there has been a period of "golden years", registered any site, play any online games, there is no verification code that said. However, good days and not long to enjoy it now, no matter what the registration website, forum, play games, are required to pay the verification code, what is the verification code? As the name implies, the verification code is to verify that you are a living in operation (including user registration, website, forum shopping site, pay etc.) instead of a machine in a technical means of operation of the



please, this kind of authentication code will cause users to play bad

originally launched a verification code, and now what attaches importance to personal privacy, protect personal information, do not take sides, the main purpose is to prevent the registration of robots, the first appeared in the forum. In the forum prosperous years, many advertisements posted by robot account registration, automatically publish advertisements, in order to prevent the robot automatic registration and automatic posting, so many forums introduced the verification code mechanism, automatic registration by random numbers and pictures to prevent robot


and the 12306 site verification code is completely out of playing tricks, a fight to the end of the year, when everyone in the train ticket, the 12306 always make a point of news, the first is the detonation card, later by the various marketing software to grab votes, to this year, 12306 wonderful graphics verification code verification of reality the success rate was 8%, by netizens have been Tucao, not to buy tickets, but in doing a puzzle game, in fact, personally feel that all kinds of verification code launched in 12306, was always rush ticket software breakthrough, the image verification code seems strong, but also a set of procedures, this is not a rush ticket software the news release said, "through the verification code database and sample depth analysis of 12306 combinations of graphics, and with good search picture recognition technology, a new generation of 360 tickets Wang plug-in from PC end to mobile phone, the full realization of the 123 06 graphical verification code automatic identification, to help users a key to complete the monitoring, brush votes, automatic submission, and successfully grab tickets and other links."

Although the

12306 image verification code seems artificial magic, the correct answer rate of only 8%, but the foot step ahead, the main rival is the verification code machine rather than a person, at present, Baidu has long been out of the "search" function. Since then, pictures can find pictures, then the image verification code is not omnipotent, in fact there is a verification code function that is used to deal with pressure relief web server, or to the 12306 site as an example, the 2015 Spring Festival peak day PV value is 29 billion 700 million, if not the introduction of verification code mechanism to delay the submission, so the moment, the web server downtime.

and traced 12306 pictures, verification code, as early as in March this year has been on-line, why not until the end of the "headlines" it? This is not difficult to be suspected of marketing, after all, found in the Internet