Wei Bing by forum reprint look, novice stationmaster blundering mentality

recently had no half in A5 postings, busy work is one of the reasons, on the other hand is blundering, couldn’t settle down to read some things, think about some questions, so cannot write other satisfying things.

this time writing this is one of the things a friend of mine has learned from me. The thing is, the friends made a post in 28 on the first time, the original post, but the second day A5 forum an article in the same post, which makes the new friend very uncomfortable, this is the fruits of their labor, a plagiarized angrily feeling arises.

then I saw the A5 of this post, from the process of this reprint to see, many of our webmaster mentality is still very impetuous, unable to sink down to do things. Why do you say so, because a station owner’s attitude will definitely determine the survival rate of his website. To a very impetuous mentality to do, stand to promote stations, the site will soon perish, and even by this impetuous mentality nipped in the bud. From the reprint, I saw such a number of performance.

first of all, in order to reprint and reprint, do not pay attention to the content of the article. This is one of the most direct expression of anxiety, copying others, do not focus on the content, one or two word changes are too lazy to move, such as "little Ze" is my friend’s name, the owners did not move directly (and I do not respect the author said, I will respect it do not write the second points), copied from the. This mentality how to do the site? How can the knowledge of others into their own knowledge? How can improve my ability? This is a completely stole sesame lost watermelon constantly on the run performance, always think to do one thing, regardless of whether it is to bring the value of


is our webmaster, sharing something, actually should do is, you read the articles, learn from the valuable knowledge, and then share it to themselves and to others, is a kind of improved. Do not for a chain to do unnecessary reprint, with this impetuous mentality, in order to reprint reproduced, you can not get any improvement, but stagnation, meaningless.

second does not respect the fruits of his fellow labours. Many of our webmaster friends will be reproduced Share Adsense experience, we are willing to be reproduced as share to be shared, so together we improve ourselves, make progress together, learn from each other, this is a matter of no ground for blame. But we see the webmaster, copy, but did not specify the transfer from the who, who is the original author, but at the end of the article with "[url] reprint article editing reservations!" completely as their original things to release. It makes things hard to write and why me? So do not know how to respect other people’s labor, similarly, others will not respect you, is the more you can learn from peers, then as a webmaster, you can improve yourself, how successful? > >