Talking about the experience and thoughts of a rookie doing a station

I was 11 last year and began to contact, do stand, because they like QQ space, will find a free program online, and then installed, it has done a very simple station: I admit that I am a rookie in the rookie, do not say anything, SEO, even keywords do not know what it is. Station module is also used and used by others, and even the most simple website background picture will not beautify. Only know that every morning on time, send a few articles, update the website, a month later, IP reached more than 200. Later to Baidu search webmaster BBS this keyword, and finally let me find a place to learn, that is webmaster nets. From then on, almost every day to webmaster nets look at other people’s hard writing experience and feelings, from reading other people’s articles in the process, let me harvest a lot. Also let my station IP from the initial 200 liters to the present more than 7000, thank you very much webmaster nets, also thank you webmaster eldest brother, eldest sister. One of the words that impressed me most in my reading was "to be a station is to be a man."". Yes, life is not easy, do stand is not easy ah, think more is not easy to do a good understanding! In stationmaster net nearly one year, has been quietly to see others of the article, often want to send articles to share their feelings, but their lack of experience, the style is and the limit, so all like.

said it was sad. I applied for GG’s account last year. I didn’t know how to do GG ad, so I didn’t do it. In Webmaster network learned a lot of knowledge, until May this year, really started GG advertising. I remember clearly that my income in May was about $42. Although not a lot of money, but very happy, very excited, after all, is the result of their own labor. My income was $50 and $60 for the next two. Is this month can take money, just 3 days before the GG closed my account, the reason is invalid click! This thing for me is like a day down like, I was overwhelmed! Very sad and helpless, and later wrote a message to GG, requesting re opened, but is still $echo. I don’t have any hope, because I know it is very difficult to be lifted the title. I do GG advertising, has been very serious, but also repeated, did not want to use any means to cheat, to gain more benefits. But some things are just against the wishes of the people. QQ space station to do almost a year, and even their own pocket money did not earn, really ashamed. It was a pity that even the money was gone. Finally, I want to say is: we are all webmaster, I hope we do not because of a certain dissatisfaction, or malicious attacks on others.