Star station owners talk about the sad process of building a station

in the rapid development of the network today, star sites everywhere, whether well-known or unknown, as long as it is slightly on the CCTV or television show the face of a web site. In these large and small sites behind, there are many unknown webmaster, they are every day for the site’s function, landscaping, user experience, do a lot of work.

I am also a star station webmaster, I can not say how good my website is, and how powerful it is. But I dare say, now my website functions, and landscaping, I have created it. I in this website I spend time is many, I know only a little HTML code, not PHP, I can’t even configure the DISCUZ forum, or find a friend to help me, configure the program, meet not, do not understand, just call my friend, remember at that time there is no personal computer, I work every day to around 3 in the morning, or go to Internet cafes, others are playing games in Internet cafes, I went to Internet cafes is to look at the code, change the code. Every day in the company to do things, go to the forum bubble, go to the DISCUZ plug-in area, find a variety of plug-ins, installation. I don’t know if these plugins are useful to my forum. Anyway, I see, I feel good, I’ll install it, and the members don’t use it – I don’t know.

believes that there are few people like me, unless they don’t come to Admin5. Because many plug-ins, and some plug-ins conflict with each other, loopholes, the site was hung several Trojans, but fortunately the data is not deleted.

Star Station, many webmaster pain, see a lot of personal star station, began to feel the fun, made less than three days, the site closed, my website will appear every two or three days their images fork variable, a look at the past, ah, or a server transfer, do not open. There is a Trojan, why, because they do not know how to find the space business good, do not know how to do the meaning, so that now a lot of friends asked me to help him do a website forum, what, I said, you have to consider, the site is very tired, especially personal webmaster, if you will be a little HTML the code is a little better, if not at all, I advise you to leave the star station. You only have stars, no websites.

tired, not what is up, many webmaster star, is to take a little salary a month, every year is still as the star of the station to pay for the stars, you also want to do something for the owners to support you, you are a year hundreds of thousands, millions of income, and the support of your webmaster how much money a year, your domain name space, out of money.

many star stations are working hard for one person. Sometimes some loyal members may help you, but there are few real members who will spend a lot of their personal time dealing with star stations. I’m tired, sleepy, and I don’t want to do it, but look back, I’ve been doing that for so long, and my membership has grown from one to hundreds, to thousands