Capital blitz two dimension, uniforms, skirts, maid occupied the earth

two is no longer a non mainstream culture, and become the mainstream culture of the network, has become the object of capital chasing. 2014, the core of the two dimensional user size of up to 49 million 840 thousand people, while the pan size of the two dimension of up to 100 million users. In the future, the steady growth of the core element of the user will be two, 2016 is expected to scale up to 70 million 80 thousand people, with the animation IP operation is significant, animated film constantly, is expected in 2016 two yuan pan users reached 200 million.

, dressed in uniforms, skirts, maids and colorful hair, these "two dimensional human" appeared in the Beijing exhibition hall.

August 14th, thousands of people gathered at the Beijing exhibition hall, a total of two dimensional world event – Video Game Music Conference (VGL).


is called the two dimension, originally intended to be two-dimensional space, now refers to animation, games and other works in the fictional world. As a 90 after the main consumer groups in the field, the two dimension of the Internet can not be ignored as a force.

as the VGL host, AcFun (barrage video site, commonly known as A station) editor Liu Yanyan in Beijing Exhibition Theatre All seats are occupied. In another virtual place – the capital market, the two dimension is being touted.

two dimension from the edge to the mainstream

90 as the main consumer groups in the two dimension, and gradually become the mainstream. For example, the mainstream video sites began to try to add the two dimension of representative products of barrage of television variety shows, some also try adding a barrage of elements.


August 6th, the barrage video site A station announced the completion of $50 million A round of financing, the current round of financing by one group (original Youku potatoes group) lead investor, and the A station has more than 200 million U.S. dollars valuation.

and in March this year, one due to copyright issues and A station court, now the plot reversal. As for why one gains an enemy and A stations, A station chief Liu Yanyan speculated that one should not want to give up the market of young people.

fans economy era, such as A station gathered a large number of fans of the user’s site was gradually eyeing the capital.

innovation works investment director Chen Yuetian said, has now entered the fans to spread and community communication era, with the development of the Internet, more and more people and people are not connected but increasingly fragmented, the Internet gives new contents of sub culture represents the best of the rise of soil.

it is worth noting that this group of sub culture nurtured young people are growing up to become the main consumer. "The people who used to consume this kind of culture grew up and began to enter the mainstream society, the spread of power will be more intense because of the core to produce a greater resonance, thus more severe detonation." Chen Yuetian said.