Personal webmaster how to choose a good DC

IDC Internet data center, we must do site, we have IDC station data that, if you do not choose a good one, then the consequences we talk to everyone today as can be imagined, so how to choose a good IDC. Is also a bit of their own experience,


first of all, I think the main point of looking at a IDC is to look at three aspects:

, a price: the price is our most grassroots webmaster should first consider the question, ha ha, is my first consideration, if you have some money, or you can choose to invest the nets so that the old product, the price is high speed service. We can look at several IDC, choose the most reasonable one, the goods than three. I had to do Wangzhuan Forum: when is a reference to the station to buy a lot of home prices. Ha ha,

: two, speed of light is low price, but the access speed not, do you think anyone will come? It is a efficient society! I’ve just bought a 1 yuan of space, or 1G, found the best slow death, soon closed an important indicator of the speed! Is to be inspected.

three, reputation: This is very important, do not buy, a few days, they directly pack up to leave. Such as webmaster nets, nets so that the old station is excellent reputation. We can also search for a IDC in the credibility of, you can also come to webmaster advisory,


service: I want to be put at the end, a key, a IDC customer service service is very important, because after you buy a host, it may appear this or that problem, some IDC is before the customer is God, God is the customer service customer service. Then you can be miserable, so be sure to check their online after-sales service how, or else the problem can not be solved.

here I believe we all know how to choose a good IDC, and consulting the views of users to buy before, do not blindly, can go to the webmaster nets, there are so many hotline netizen, sure to get answers, in addition, the domain name space station network is also very good, the credibility of service well, we can consider


finally, I hope webmaster nets better and better. Welcome to reprint, reprint, please retain copyright information Oh, information.