What kind of thinking do we need to be O2O Non internet thinking is very important

do any thing, if the wrong idea, then from the beginning wrong, things must not do well, can not do. So, to do things, we must first know what kind of thinking should be used to think about.

to do O2O project, I think, is a test of intelligence, very challenging things, different from the traditional industry, is closely connected with the Internet; the same, but relates to the line operators; both at home and abroad, have no experience to talk about, who did not dare to say who the business mode and operation mode now is verified. Moreover, the successful model is likely to appear in a big consumer country like China, and not necessarily the big companies can do well. The same starting point, the same opportunities.

in this case, we must calm down, from the beginning of the work starting point, direction and route, then find the right, we must first see what we need to think about thinking about O2O, and then you have to do it right.

here, we might as well discuss with you the thinking of doing O2O.

one, integrated thinking

about the concept of resource integration, I came into contact with it in 2002. At that time, see the relevant introduction, but as the original own no resources, see light suddenly, the integration of resources can create value. After some thinking, I wrote on a piece of white paper "resource sharing, complementary advantages, combination of powerful" twelve words, I did not expect this has become my pursuit of career development, the realization of self-worth. According to this principle, I think the "two-way integration alliance business + member" architecture in 2004 2006; and a flash of light, and try to think of marriage shopping for the market entrance, to consumer rebates for docking, the operation of "marriage shopping group" project; try again until 2011, operation service for the residents the life consumption of the project "customer priority". Although the project is due to various reasons, once again interrupted, but still do not change his mind, with Jiang fishing for a new attitude taiweng time.

this process, let me firmly believe that to do O2O, you need to have integrated thinking.

in retrospect, why marriage shopping into the market try? The biggest reason is that marriage is a series of consumer shopping process, and relates to different sectors of the consumer business, which is the integration of the value. Later, I thought of another series of consumption: room decoration, also has the value of integration; then, why should "try to involve themselves for entertainment, body-building medicine" ten life consumption level of consumer brokerage services, but also because of the integration of resources consumption series has a great value.

also, why can the birth of a super retail giant? Why Internet industry more and more big platform to do? Or because they did not create, although production resources, but to integrate resources, become the rule makers, so as to create great value. This is also the author in "try >"