On the declining development of phpcms

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introduction: CMS, now feel very promising belongs to the phpcms/ empire.

two, basic analysis:

1. / three /

phpcms: very powerful, /Bug multi / template very few / member communication is poor (most potential).

Empire: powerful / stable / multi template / member communication is better / guaranteed.

drive: strong function / stable / template / general members communicate very well.

2. is perfect / disadvantages / gaps.

1. is powerful, but BUG is a lot. It’s an advantage and a drawback. A lot of people choose phpcms because of it, and a lot of people leave phpcms because of it.


slows new functions R & D (not equal to no R & D) / strengthens new functions, BUG repair / integration and perfection after R & d..

interpretation: the first headache problem phpcms advantages and disadvantages coexist, how should we do? Every time out of the development of new function to praise. After members of the feedback is what? The customer is the ultimate God, what the customer need? Reflect what? We can learn that our own success:

new features release (initial) > expect / praise / join PHPcms> found BUG/ proposal (no reply / unresolved) > helpless / leave PHPcms.

look at these and think our team should know where it’s headed.

2. is a function template is very few, the enterprise product of the brain, a template is a product appearance, a company not because the first time you boast and first time to hire you, a company not because of your outstanding appearance and temperament is very simple, you have been reused, they need to be the combination of the two. Similarly, a good website should think from the customer’s point of view:

as a webmaster, what was your first passion with this system? How much did he give you,


as the net name, you first visit this website, he gave you the impact of what? How many resources? Perhaps many templates of the big for some stations, can save more visitors.


template (first impressions) + resource (actual meaning) = net experience (good / bad) > decided to return the visit to the site > determine the site of the success of > determine the customer / user reputation > other decision has just begun to learn for customers will be the preferred PHPcms station.


A. development of several sets of better templates, to meet the user >