nternet profit model study notes two Commission and split

lead: Commission and sub Chengdu is not a term for Internet inventions. These long established business orders have been used in the Internet industry, forming second profit models of the internet.

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‘s second common profit models are to help customers achieve some kind of purpose, then collect commissions or break them into customers’ income in a certain proportion.

Commission and sub Chengdu is not a term for Internet inventions, but a long-standing concept in the whole commercial society. The lawyer lawsuit, winning the lawsuit, to pay; find an intermediary to buy a house, buy a house, to pay; want to do business in the field, but the unfamiliar, looking for agents to help, put some money by selling products agents. These are already formed business order, and these commercial order is used in Internet industry, formed these second kinds of profit pattern: Commission and cent.

same, this kind of pattern also has corresponding a few kinds of common and specific landing program:

1, electronic business platform (usually B2C will use this type of model)

electronic business platform product is a typical example of commission and split mode. Take the famous Tmall, if a businessman wants to set up shop on Tmall, you need to pay the following fees to Tmall:


technical services annual fee

technical services rate

, the technology service rate, is one of Tmall’s main profit models. After each commodity transaction, Tmall will receive a certain rate of service fees from the turnover, different types of goods at different rates. For example, according to 2013 standards, if Tmall successfully sold a book, Tmall will be in accordance with the proportion of 2% service charges; and if you successfully sell a bathroom supplies, you need to pay 5% of the service charge. Tmall’s daily turnover is huge, so a large amount of profit is generated every day by charging service charges.


above: if I bought this iPhone, the store would have to pay Tmall 100, 6 cents, 1 cents as commission (2%).

2, Group buy and coupon

for a business, how to product pricing is a learning. If the price is higher, the amount of units sold will be more profitable; on the other hand, if the price is lower, sales may increase. So, prices and sales of these two variables affect the profit, perhaps they can form a function, the theory should be able to find a point, the price of × sales value maximization, profit maximization that.

but these are just mathematical conclusions. In fact, the only way to really maximize profits is >