Personal station, the pursuit of user experience is the new direction

at the present stage, the network developed unprecedented, various types of Web sites are many emerge in an endless stream! Around a higher goal, to create a number of topics, but not the lack of more garbage station, once in the flow is king of the times, create a lot of profit


Internet is one of the most innovative speed of all industries, the renewal speed relative to other industries is better, just a few years, traffic is king era has become the past, Google has been basically out of Chinese, in today’s primary site, about 70% to 80% are mainly to Google as the main source of income, but now Google, a go, our profit focus should be to what


website free not free in today’s is not a topic, we want to develop, it must be good to their own profit model, in some small and medium-sized site in the above said most depend on all kinds of advertising to support, we do not deny that it may have 1% website to find their profit model, which can realize the ambition! After all belong to a minority of


on the Internet, the Internet, anything as long as the heart, hold a key, there will be a breakthrough, many people think while doing, wait for what policy issues affected very much! This is of course directly affect our income.

I am learning Internet entrepreneurs have half the time, I believe we are very familiar with the Blackhawk base, I was through black hawk to come into contact with Wangzhuan concept, also came in from June last year, China Internet environment appeared a big adjustment for rectification, until now! GG exit, many webmaster may not to turn line. But because I temporarily do part-time work, so almost without any impact, but really deeply understand the policy of a personal webmaster of great influence!

!Now many websites in

category and choose women to stand as their efforts in the direction, one began to think that they are innovative, results really do know, have this idea a lot, but at this time also found a big problem, a lot of the station were used to build the source code, it is once your site has tens of thousands of data. Data is too much, but even if a few months down, the site has not been included is still a problem!


so I decided to devote myself to the direction of transfer to the user experience, most in the webmaster online to see the article, learning experience, feel more and more, the user has been more and more will tell the ads, no matter how camouflage will be most users see through, this is also an important factor affecting the future of our webmaster income.

user experience does not go, more data is also empty. Neither will bring any profit.

we have to try to develop their own marketing mode, to achieve profitability as soon as possible, since want to do, that we should think of profits, though not only want to make money, but if it does not make money, that is to the society is not responsible for, after all, I >