Pet shop to pay attention to what

with more and more indifferent between people, more and more empty nesters, which also makes more and more people as pets, so that more and more people like to raise pets. This also brings unprecedented opportunities and markets for pet stores!

to build the core competitiveness

send Doug pet chain, in the recruitment of staff, the basic conditions that must have a love for animal, it is best to have a pet. Secondly, it has the relevant professional knowledge, at least to identify the variety of pets. How to open a pet shop? In addition, some pet shops will provide a more comprehensive service, pet beauty and pet care, which requires investors to spend a relatively large cost to recruit a professional beautician and medical division.


to diversification. How to open a pet shop? Because of the fierce competition in the pet market, some products such as dog food, profit margins are very small, so it is difficult to rely on one or two operations to maintain the operation of a store. If the pet (personal care, trimming, etc.) foster combined, can relieve the pressure.

The first to be careful

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