WAL-MART’s heyday has been the collapse of the business model

maybe you around WAL-MART supermarket has been closed, many consumers feel difficult to understand why, once bursting with popularity of the brand, but now no longer? Changes in the overall industry environment of retailers also have an impact.

BrianSozzi analysis in TheStreetWrites, "so far, WAL-MART rely on huge profits, low wages and the size of the company based on and have more bargaining power than competitors."

"new analysis reflect WAL-MART’s competitive advantage has a wide variety of goods and price advantage, has been in the possession of extreme advantage (warehouse club stores, hard discounters ($1) or extreme convenience stores) competitors disappear. Because e-commerce has disrupted the impact of selection." Goldman Sachs analyst MatthewFassler wrote in a document to customers.

retailers for Amazon to keep pace with the electricity supplier in terms of consumption has millions of dollars, according to Sozzi analysis, which is the impact of a profit.

but a representative of WAL-MART said that these investments are short-term, in the long run will help the company win.

"we will be the first to provide a full range of shoppers shopping experience the pink of perfection of retailers, and we finish the task in hand has a unique advantage." WAL-MART wrote in a statement, "we understand that the decline requires the patience and understanding of investors, but we also want to note: This is a useful investment in our future development. We see a great opportunity to promote sales, invest in the future and ensure sustainable development."

"retail turnover rate has been rising."