Tianjin rice noodle shop how to achieve innovative development

opened a Tianjin noodle shop how to improve the competitiveness of the market, the most important thing is unique, and this feature is mainly reflected in the innovation. So how do you want to eat rice noodle shop innovation? What are the principles of innovation? Look at the following analysis:

, the concept of innovation: Tianjin noodle franchisees have to have a clear understanding of the concept of consumer spending has become increasingly mature, flowers in the "eat" the money even though the absolute number is increased, but the percentage of household income has declined, don’t expect future catering industry will be "profiteering". In the face of increasingly fierce competition, the social catering "away" part of the hotel food and beverage is inevitable. Rice vermicelli to jump out of the "eating and eating" concept to treat consumers. Like business as fashion business noodle stores, the "traditional + Fashion = innovation" as the development of the catering industry formula, grasp the pulse of the times, accelerate the speed of information transmission, increase the flexibility of the market reaction, in order to guide the trend in an invincible position.

two, service innovation: service innovation is the importance of each meal should pay attention to. Service can no longer rigidly adhere to the fixed mode, to really focus on customer satisfaction + surprise = loyal customers, the core concept of service innovation. First, strict quality management system is the foundation of the franchise Hot pot noodle, on this basis, in the service mode, service environment, utensils as far as possible to create a "selling point" and "bright spot". You can play the "green food" banner, the establishment of smoke-free restaurants in the area, the use of green food, pollution-free vegetables and fruits as raw materials, advocate green consumption, the initiative to provide the remaining food packaging services and wine service. Cook every day to explain the restaurant waiter menu approach, dishes, composition of raw materials and simple production process, convenient for the waiter to sell to customers.

three, environmental innovation: for a long time, the environmental innovation of Tianjin vermicelli shop is relatively poor, the performance of the re decoration luxury, while the light personality show. A truly creative environment is not necessarily the most luxurious, the key is the "theme" prominent, so that customers find a feeling". The following topics can refer to: 1, retro feeling   2, trendy feeling of the west, the feeling of integration of Chinese and western 4, modern feeling

four, the price of innovation: rice product price is not meant to reduce the price, but to activate the price, the formation of multi-level price. Starting from the angle of mass consumption, adjust the dish price, with low cost and high gross margin, the combined method of high cost and low margin, Yang quality long, avoid expensive short, so I have no people, I have gifted, gifted people I always change to value for money to attract guests.

five, marketing innovation: marketing work can be said to be the leader of the hotel business, it’s innovation efforts, in a sense, the overall operation of the hot pot vermicelli shop plays a key role. Recommended