Tell you how to make a million dollars a year

give you a small shop, a clerk, you can create a monthly income of more than ten million myths. That’s right, this is a marketing miracle in Hebei, Zhongshan Road, a halogen trotters shop, said to be a miracle as long as you believe it is not a miracle, as long as you choose to join the fresh halogen O2O home, you can do the same as you can do.

fresh halogen home O2O based in Shijiazhuang, radiation nationwide, there are 5 brand chain stores, is expected to add 3-5 stores in the year 1000, seeking listing.

has no flavor duck neck, 5000 stores, an annual income of 4 billion yuan, it is not listed; duck week more than and 700 stores, annual sales of 3 billion yuan, are ready to be listed; it was founded just 7 months of fresh brine home tide brand lo O2O companies, why dare say it has emboldened is listed? What is the


90 after eight years of entrepreneurship by

fresh brine home founder Wang Xiaohai, in 2016 organized by the entrepreneur innovation China entrepreneurial activity, and the only one "innovation Chinese artisan spirit award".

Wang Xiaohai, was born in a small village in Hebei, Chengde, because his parents work in Tianjin, so he received the influence of urban culture. 2007, I do not want to see the magazine reported bubble network Li Xiang high school dropout entrepreneurship, founded Alibaba, such as the Internet industry forced story. Since then, he would set an ambition to become like Li Xiang, Ma entrepreneurs, using the Internet to change the world.

high school self programming created the first website of their mobile phone smart bean portal, for a similar interest in playing net B2C mall project; four years put off stall, opened a store, do B2C, O2O, social networking, and other takeaway website.


venture Xiaodaxiaonao since 8 years, Wang Xiaohai’s life of great influence, seemingly innocent appearance, the heart is calm in the face of ups and downs. In Wang Xiaohai’s philosophy of life, entrepreneurship has become an indispensable part of him. This time he decided to sell Lucai, named "home of fresh brine".

fresh halogen

Why do those O2O

he has been concerned about his food, West master, Huang Taiji and other food and beverage O2O brand, feel the upgrading of food and beverage, has brought huge business opportunities. After long market research found that Juewei duck neck has 5000 stores, annual income of 4 billion yuan; Zhou black duck more than and 700 Zhiyingdian, 3 billion years.

although seemingly Lo industry has been the leader.