How to get rid of poverty in Guangyuan

in China’s coastal cities to see the prosperity of the motherland, but in many inland areas, we see that people’s lives are difficult. This left the last three months, plans this year to the poverty of the poor villages and poor people can schedule out of poverty, and what are the problems? In September 12th, the city’s 739 village first secretary, 45 thousand party members and cadres, village by village to see the people, listen to the voice, asked the public is out of poverty accounts, started the "hundred days countdown poverty battle" to ensure that the objectives and tasks of this year intends to withdraw from the 148 poor villages, 61 thousand poor people out of poverty.

what are the bones of poverty alleviation

9 18, Huang Yang Zhen Nanxi Cun, Wangcang County, first secretary Luo Shengdong with technical experts, one foot deep shallow kick, in a radius of 3 km around the village, visit the poor households of chicken. Nanxi village high mountains and steep slopes, were much less, but the woods, suitable for backyard chickens, the village of 109 households, 70 households breeding chickens, as poverty alleviation industry. But this summer, the prevention technology did not keep up, a few poor households chicken appeared low survival rate and even the phenomenon of Newcastle disease. "Autumn comes, less sunlight and low temperature, chicken activity ability, from time to time to add chicken protein feed, increase resistance, especially long-term chicken eggs, to keep up with nutrition, or it will be nothing to hold when mom." In Nanxi village 4 groups of cards poor households Yang Jiaxian home, Luo Shengdong and chicken expert Liu Xingji watching the mountains edge pecking chicken, while explaining to Yang Jiaxian. At the same time, also handed Yang Jiaxian a page "autumn chicken attention", which is written on how to add chicken to the sunshine time, how to keep the chicken house dry ventilation, how to observe the spirit of chicken, etc..

see technician door, Yang Jiaxian busy from the house out of the bench: Thank you very often to guide." Yang Jiaxian afterwards, 100 chicken own backyard, now the average has grown to 6 pounds of weight, slaughter plan in November of this year is expected to increase, the income of 8000 yuan, plus 30 thousand yuan pig, labor income, poverty this year is not a problem.


as technical experts, Liu Xingji is a former local poor households, last year’s work in the village’s assistance, began raising chickens, in August this year has revenues of 220 thousand yuan, the local poor households in the eyes, all his skill. So, the work team in the village after the mobilization of Liu Xing when the chicken technician, and village cadres together, one to observe, identify problems, timely guidance. Local support large, driven by large retail, poor households can be trusted." Luo Shengdong said, most likely a seasonal transition, chicken, and chicken breeding technology with the coming solar term, summer some differences, with technical personnel with visiting farmers try to help everyone chicken no accident, ensure that poor households expected income is not bad, by the end of reckoning, out of poverty to be seen. Recommended