Xiamen Dongdu nspection Bureau told you import label packaging unqualified rate

in our lives with the continuous improvement of the economic level, so our spending power has also been significantly improved, in life, many people are very keen to buy foreign products. Reporters from the Xiamen Dongdu Inspection Bureau, as of November 17, 2016 this year, the Xiamen Free Trade Zone East Port imported food, cosmetics detection of label unqualified packaging accounted for 93.1% batches of substandard, substandard products packaging label facing the rectification, returned, and even destroyed.

according to the inspection and quarantine statistics, Xiamen FTA each year because not mark the production date and shelf life and other issues to be returned or destroyed, the imported food has ten batches of unqualified tags and other issues is occurred, caused great losses to the enterprise. Xiamen Dongdu inspection and Quarantine Bureau of the case analysis found that some enterprises ignore the pursuit of benefits of education and training of employees, some operators on the import and export of relevant laws and regulations, even the most basic common sense do not understand food.


Xiamen Dongdu inspection and Quarantine Bureau, enterprises should enhance the sense of responsibility, will be in the product label management and safety at the same height to improve the label risk prevention awareness, strengthen internal audit in the label; actively promote food safety knowledge, improve the overall level of employees, regularly organize personnel to strengthen the "People’s Republic of China food safety law", "People’s Republic of China import and Export Commodity Inspection Law" and other relevant laws and regulations and standards of learning.

Xiamen Dongdu Inspection Bureau told you, import food and cosmetics label packaging unqualified rate is high, so the broad masses of the people at the time of purchase, still need to intensify prevention efforts, actively carry out inspection for products. At the same time actively and import and export business communication, establish a mechanism for information exchange, pay attention to more channels to collect food labeling requirements of relevant laws and regulations and changes, timely adjustment of the label content, the relevant provisions of the import and export of goods the existence of doubt, should consult to the inspection and quarantine departments in a timely manner, to avoid unnecessary losses.

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