The guy to die to the parents of 200 thousand bride has repeatedly sent money to the mysterious girl

for the mysterious girlfriend ", guy died to coerce parents for 200 thousand dowry. After the time to persuade the people of the police, the guy finally gave up the idea of suicide. However, the identity of the mysterious girlfriend is still verified.

1 the evening of Sept. 30, Hangzhou new Xiaoshan Bay Street residents Wang and his wife, two people rushed to the new Bay police station, said his 23 year old son to commit suicide. Pharaoh’s wife also received a small video of their own WeChat to watch the police on duty. One is the son of Wang’s self timer, mom, this is the last time I sent you a video". Another section, is directly down from the high-rise downstairs.

by some persuasion, Wang finally willing to sit down and talk with the police, this let him not the last step of "kan".


after that meeting, Wang couple began against the son with this girl "unknown source or origin". Son Wang also from that time, with parents have a contradiction. Every time after the money, have become a family war, the first village leaders come over to persuade, and then the police station to persuade, and Wang’s infatuation, but did not change.