Taobao shop what time can arrange baby shelves

Taobao shop, since there is a new product shelves, naturally there will be more baby shelves. For what time to arrange baby shelves, although the shop is different, the time will be different. However, in general, Taobao shop, the best time is 11 noon on the afternoon at 1 p.m., at p.m., at 7:12 p.m., which is open to the small network of individuals think.

should be relatively fast when goods shelves will be seen by many people, we should not be a easy way, put all the goods shelves, to batch shelves, the time is 7 days, every day so that your goods shelves, every day will be noticed. In Taobao, the shelf time in the baby search sort and category ranking occupy a large proportion. So baby shelf time is very important, so how to arrange the baby’s time frame?

below, Xiaobian summed up the experience of the seller, I hope to help the vast number of dispensers.

first, the analysis of your customer group Internet rules.

such as the baby is mainly targeted at women, this is a big classification. And then it is for young women, this is the second attributes of the customer. Finally, according to the observation of the baby sold, the store to the customer just to work mostly white-collar workers. Then we can draw a conclusion: the target customer group is a young woman who just went to work, the age is about 24-30 years old. So we can guess what the target customers are doing in a day.

first 8 to work at 11:30, 1 to work at 5:30, and then go home to cook, always in the evening to seven or eight can busy free web surfing. The characteristics of working week, Monday morning there will be a meeting Friday afternoon will have a week, then busy on Monday, Tuesday to Thursday, may cause the weekend holiday weekend arrived so as not to buy fewer things not to sign on Friday.

second, according to the analysis of the law of the Internet customer groups, to adjust the baby shelf time.

has an in-depth analysis of the previous one to draw conclusions. For white-collar workers, white-collar workers, the work of the computer than the time spent on the home computer longer. Tired of work or leisure time will be online shopping. According to the analysis of the main baby shelf time selected on Tuesday night 10 points off the shelf. In this way, on Tuesday night 7 to 9 points, my baby in the rankings will be very advanced, improve traffic while increasing sales.

third, there is a turnover of the baby, the use of up and down the shelf time to do promotions and other activities, are often able to get twice the result with half the effort.

for the newly opened store, starting very difficult