Japan set up entrepreneurship award to carry out local revitalization plan


Chinese lack of the local workforce development construction, this situation is encountered with many times all over the world. Most young entrepreneurs in Japan favor large and medium cities, the slow development of rural economy. To this end, Japan set up a business award to promote the settlement of young people.

every 170 thousand bonus scheme

each program the winner will receive about 3 million yen (about 170 thousand yuan) to support gold. Currently, the date and details of the game are still under study.

"local revitalization team cooperation began in 2009. During the 1 to 3 years, the team moved to a sparsely populated area, engaged in the development of agriculture, forestry and aquatic products industry.

More than half of the players in

for reversal of population decline, Japan’s local governments are playing with the Tokyo circle of people to exhaust all the skills".

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