Joint sales can do

if the sale of the business done well, the sale is not a little bit of products, often associated with the sale of a lot of products. However, for many salespeople, how to do joint sales business is not clear. Here, let the small series to accept a case. Last weekend, I accompanied my wife to a shop to buy facial cleanser. His wife took a good to buy that one, only to see the sales staff also come up with cream, toner, and then said to his wife: "this brand of cream, toner is also good, or you also try?" In the sales staff’s recommendation, his wife heart.

then bought down, this would only buy eighty-nine yuan to buy a bottle of Cleansing Cream, it took more than and 300. Out of the shop door, his wife said to me: the counter salesman more powerful, can seize the customer psychology, we have to learn." After returning home, I will try to jointly promote the sale of the business, did not expect the effect is not bad. I summed up the following aspects of experience, to share with you, I hope all of you friends help.

first, for customers to zero. Once, a customer to buy things, to pay a total of nine pieces of five, she took out $ten, I saw her with a child, said to her: "you see, I’ll give you a lollipop? May your life be as sweet as honey!" Customers happy, so earn a dime, come down for a long time can also more than tens of dollars Many a little make a mickle., January profit.

two, with the combination of goods sales. Recently, I have been selling toothpaste and toothbrushes, towels and soap and other household goods together, the price is cheaper than a single buy. Customers can either buy or buy together. In contrast, with a higher sales rate of sales.

three, clever use of gifts to promote sales. Once, I put a few beautiful glass on the counter, which attracted the attention of some customers. So, I told the customer, the shop to buy a box of 55 yuan worth of milk, you can buy a glass of $2 discount, which attracted a large number of customers.

although there are a lot of operators think of joint sales, but do not know what kind of business strategy can be taken, leading to poor sales results. So, there are more than the introduction of several methods, and now if you want to do joint sales business, you know how to do it?