How to survive under the traditional nternet home business

The rise of the Internet makes

nowadays major industry is facing a transition period, especially for the traditional Home Furnishing industry now is a turning point of development to survive but also be prepared in the Internet market. The Internet has changed many traditional industries, such as catering to the group purchase by Qi and household appliance industry began to take the 020 line, the apparel industry in a Taobao B2C intensive and meticulous farming industry. But there is an industry in the Internet is wandering around the door, it is the traditional home industry. So, the traditional home industry how to embrace the Internet? And how to position the Internet, play a good role in it? There is an old saying: gehangrugeshan, not every manager interlaced! Today, there are so many traditional industries in the Internet to test the water, what can be learned from it?

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