The mperial Palace received one hundred million donations to the artist Cui Ruzhuo point praise

one hundred million is a very big number for most people, it will donate is certainly very much, but yesterday afternoon, the Imperial Palace received one hundred million donations, and who is so fearless of death for a just cause people?

2 25 afternoon, 100 million yuan donation ceremony held in the Imperial Palace, to the painter Cui Ruzhuo issued a donation certificate to show gratitude and memorial, it is reported that this 100 million yuan donation to Cui Zhuo cash transfer form of donation, have all arrived, so far has become the the Imperial Palace cultural relics protection fund received the largest individual cash donation.

donated for the background, Cui Zhuo said, "the person in charge of the the Imperial Palace and I talked about the development of the Imperial Palace and the dilemma. I feel it is necessary to make some contributions to the cultural relics of the Imperial Palace, and the Star River group Mister Huang Wenzai fancy my 60 meters long scroll painting, I said it was left to my daughter. He said he wanted it, sell it to me. I later said, since so, you take 1 hundred million, I donated to the Imperial Palace."

for the donation, executive vice president Wang Yamin said the the Imperial Palace Museum, will be open and transparent, the use of funds, the initial 20 million yuan to 40 million yuan for the protection of cultural relics of the Imperial Palace, the Imperial Palace College of communication training, 40 million yuan for the research work of cultural relics and ancient architecture.



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