How about joining brand sales staff sugar coated bullet

indeed, there are many brands in order to achieve their own development, embarked on a business line, but we can not guarantee that the market is so pure, there is no fraud, many investors have cheated experience, the most important is the sales staff "tongue like spring", so we should how about joining Brand sales staff "sugar coated bullet"?

1. a lot of

chain stores

headquarters in order to recruit many stores, often irrigation in the shop a few, claiming that their stores up to the number, but the number is really there are so many such claims, outsiders tend to confirm, can make nothing of it, the best way is to ask the headquarters to provide a list of stores. Go to the store, and store the talk about how to present business situation.

2. headquarters investigation reimbursement loop fee

Let you come to

3. professionals to choose goods distribution

headquarters to give you distribution, all the initiative at the hands of others, what profit is high (not your high profit, is the headquarters of the high profit) with what to you, what what to give you what delivery backlog unsalable.

4. area protection

5. franchise fee, the deposit can be refunded

"at the margin of 10000 yuan per purchase 20 thousand returned 500, until the full refund date." 10000 to ensure that all returned to the purchase of 400 thousand! $10 thousand, they have a profit of 30%, it is necessary to earn you a $120 thousand, and then he returned to you, accounting for less than 10% of the total, and the money is not less than $400 thousand. According to the agreement, you do not purchase 10000 will not refund.