Have you ever seen a Seafood Hotpot in Longjiang, Lanzhou

referred to the characteristics of Lanzhou cuisine, Lanzhou cuisine is undoubtedly a household food snacks. But today Xiaobian to say is not Lanzhou ramen, but to tell you, Lanzhou has a hot pot is also famous in China, you know? Such a huge business opportunities you almost missed it. Through · water civilization 1000 years old, Guojianglong from Chongqing along the Yangtze River and Lanzhou, came to Gansu. This through, across the time and space distance, the hot pot of the traditional Chinese cuisine, with the original attitude, brought to Gansu, Lanzhou.

Chongqing Dianjiang, Mr. Huang, who lives in Chongqing Jiangbei, ready to open a match in Lanzhou, and returned to Chongqing after the on-the-spot investigation, personally try dishes and negotiations between the two sides, and with the strength of the company, brand, professional management, technology, marketing and other professional team of highly recognized, has been formally signed a contract.

Chongqing Longjiang seafood buffet to join the advantages are as follows:

features traditional products

We are committed to the traditional

products do, do fine; the essence of heritage for centuries in Chongqing Hot pot, combined with modern technology, the soup flavor, spicy but not dry, fresh and not greasy, spicy and delicious in one, let your Hot pot business more competitive, more features of


shop mode free custom

we are careful to customize a variety of business models for your shop. Whether it is the business district, community, office buildings, self-help, self-help, buffet meals, we provide you with more professional advice, tailored to the most suitable for your model!

original brand culture

we subvert traditional culture in the same Hot pot wharf, red culture, the original "dragon Buju defeated" Yulgang theme culture, perfect about a generation, a city, a life, a memory, a taste of the present, to meet the social mainstream consumer groups, to set up shop, small accurate and fast, to create "Yulgang" as the name of the brand personality Hot pot.