How to investigate the risk of venture project

now business market has many opportunities and some business opportunities is very reliable, worth entrepreneurs choice, but some business opportunities are full of danger, a mistake, it is possible to let investors come to naught. So, if you choose to join the venture, once the risk of the project to be investigated. So, how to investigate this risk?

investigation includes:

1, the project feasibility study.

2, the project leader of the investigation. When you see a franchise chain, can inspect the project their franchisees operating conditions, the object of study can be provided by the project, but the best choice by the investors themselves, without notice to the other party, first as a consumer were observed. The content of the study sites, including hourly customer traffic, all day long customer traffic, the popularity of its products, and to estimate the cost of input and output.

then appears as an investor, when asked, most directly to each other, if the other poor operating conditions, a sentiment on the side of the project, it will introduce you to the real situation, if the business situation is good, may have to hide you, or the situation is not true, as against the competition, at this time, investors need to have a good judgment.

3, to understand the project side of intellectual property rights (technology, trademarks, etc.) and the brand is not a dispute exists, whether the ownership of ownership.

4, the understanding of the project party taboo: in what circumstances may be lifted franchise qualifications, understand project set to clear these taboos is perfectly logical and reasonable, the details in the contract, if not the content of the contract, the contract that can be added.

5, clear the project side of the charges, such as franchise fees, management fees, margin, etc.. Clear the amount of such expenses, charge frequency, refund issues when necessary to clear the already pay fee, as in what investors leave to join the project must refund the deposit, the contract to write clearly.

to join Yicijiaoqing several period costs, such as a paid 2-3 management fees, service fees of the project side, investors should be vigilant to prevent each other in money or when things go wrong away. In order to improve the security of the investment, the investor can discuss the installment method with the project side.

chose to join the venture, a lot of people may be invested in their own net worth, if the early inspection is not careful, it is possible to make all efforts in the late. So, if you choose to join venture projects, we must look at the risk of the project, as to how to investigate, may wish to refer to the above.