Wuhan venture capital circles for the creation of Wuhan passengers who weapon

under the impact of the Internet and entrepreneurial boom, many young customers into the market, open up a variety of new business options, there is the potential to reform China’s traditional business model. An era of entrepreneurship is coming.

Big wave

make money selling hot dry noodles

is not equal to success

"business purpose is to make money, if you do not make money, any other" tall "is nonsense." Saif and chief partner of Asia Investment Fund founder, a China venture called the father of Yan Yan, a retired worker, to put a hot dry noodles stalls, also can earn their own needs, but this is not the entrepreneurial success.

success should refer to the sustained growth and profitability, mark is the most simple enterprises listed or being a listed enterprise merger. In this sense, the probability of success is less than 1%. In the entrepreneurial movement climax of the tide, is a large number of P2P and O2O on the verge of collapse of the reality.

in Chinese youth Angel President Jimmy just seems, now is the field of Internet business is third cycles. In this wave of 5 years later, will produce a large Internet companies of 300, distributed in all walks of life." Mai made this prediction on the forum yesterday.

Shenzhen capital (Wuhan) CEO Liu Min in the field of mobile Internet for example, many entrepreneurs follow suit seriously, do a group purchase, may soon have one thousand do people do O2O group purchase; car washing, O2O Manicure, may soon emerge hundreds of O2O, but the O2O Manicure car, after surviving only 1 – 2.

cannot follow the trend of entrepreneurship

"entrepreneurship is to find opportunities, and the opportunity to become commercial value." Yan Yan seems, an enterprise from the entrepreneurial success, often at least seven or eight years. But now the atmosphere of fast food culture, so that many entrepreneurs to seek rapid success, forget the real need is to adhere to the entrepreneurial and struggle. Yan Yan believes that entrepreneurial success has a specific DNA, the need for a long snow road, above the snow to be wet, so that entrepreneurs can snowball on it. In addition, there should be a scalable business model; to have a clear profit model, to correctly grasp the cash flow and business opportunities, but also have a good entrepreneurial leader.