Taiyuan actively carry out the beautiful Taiyuan city four Taiwan Tai Mountain planting activities –

can make the plant more trees, our homes, the better, at the same time will win people’s approval, worth millions of people concerned, so there are a lot of people are willing to participate in tree planting activities, so that trees become meaningful. Beautiful Taiyuan city four Taiwan Tai Mountain "100 million large tourism enterprises arbor month campaign launched in Tai Mountain Scenic Area in Taiyuan taiwan.

According to

reports, tourism planting Month activities during the period from April 8th to 23 was held 6 times, each event will mobilize the enterprise employees more than 1500 people involved, in addition to planting trees in Taiwan Tai Mountain planting base placed a bottle outside.

will also organize a visit to Shaanxi, Taiwan Tai delicacy tribe Yuanjiacun as a model of the country’s largest four color ice sculpture exhibition, and is known as "the best in all the land -" Bunker group and East Lake vinegar park.

the activities organized by the people’s Government Committee on tourism development of Taiyuan city and Yingze District, the Shanxi provincial Party committee, four winds travel group, Shanxi volunteer volunteer association and hosted Taiwan Tai Mountain Scenic area.

in the tree planting activities, can make people feel more happy, win people’s attention. Beautiful Taiyuan city four Taiwan Tai mountain to call on the whole society to know the significance of afforestation, improve people’s awareness of environmental protection, improve the tourism environment of Taiyuan, to promote the development of tourism industry in Taiyuan.

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