What are the advantages of joining Jifu custom baking

Jifu custom baking? With the characteristics of delicious, in our lives, has been very popular. Join the Jifu custom baking project can be seen is very the advantages of choice. Jifu custom baking project, worth having!

Jifu custom theme featuring the cake baking bread, pastry, also operate pizza, all kinds of coffee and drinks, to meet the different needs of consumers, to join the obvious advantages, market is very hot.

compared with the traditional cake, personalized theme cake, can better meet the upstart class pursuit of fashion, quality of life, we make every effort to taste the Jifu custom cake baking people are happy to share, feel the quality of life of celebrities in europe.

join advantage:

1, master craft + customer creativity, highlighting personality

The training system of

"CakeGive Jifu" bakers to accept all of the headquarters, after multiple assessment qualified before training. In the actual operation of the process, they are often able to rely on the quality of the customer’s creative ideas to produce amazing energy.

2, high quality material + on-site baking, fresh taste, natural health.

"CakeGive Jifu" advocating natural, delicious, healthy delicacy concept, adhere to the international line of raw material suppliers, to y guarantee the product safety and product quality. In the long history of the development of the brand, "CakeGive Jifu" through on-site baking to diners the most fresh French flavor, taste buds conquered thousands.

3, interactive DIY + optional materials, now do an endless enjoyment.

"CakeGive Jifu" in the store set up inside the special area for customer site DIY their favorite cake every day on the freshest raw materials for customers to choose. Customers in the "CakeGive Jifu" stores, from the ingredients to the other, can be the most effective guidance, easy to make one cake.

4, classic baking + fashion items, classic taste, fragrance.

banana toast, egg and milk Macarons, cherry Boudin, understand the life of the people, to the "CakeGive Jifu" don’t need a reason. "CakeGive Jifu" on 400 years of French baking history, retained the classic French palace flavor, with today’s most fashionable fashion items, even custom cakes, season Fuye can enjoy authentic French roast.