Curtain home textile stores want to retain customers how to operate

no matter what kind of business we run, if the customer can not afford to stay, how to get a better development of this business? Therefore, if we want to make the store business booming, nature also need to retain customers. While many bosses have some sales problems such as curtain textile shop business is how to seize back each textile operators must do, textile operators know supply, service is also important, because there are a lot of people may be because of your excellent and cheap goods to you to buy something, and you attract service, so repeat, also more. Therefore, it is crucial to retain customers to earn money for home textile operators. So, the curtain home textile shop exactly how to retain customers?

1, don’t let the customer feel sorry

usually work to pay attention to a lot of things, but this one can not be ignored. We must constantly from various angles to check their own operating curtain textile shop in the end let customer satisfaction to what extent? Have you ever had any regrets? Only by constantly reflecting and checking, can we improve the quality of our service to win more customers. Only the business does not let customers have the slightest regret and dissatisfaction, will make the customer regret very much, so the real success is the boss, and shop.

2, respect for customer

each of your customers is an independent individual, has an independent personality, you must respect him. At work, sometimes we may have a different opinion from customers. You need your attention to your speech and deportment, respect your customer. Your attitude may be the starting point for the establishment of a good relationship between you and your customers. In a word, no matter what the situation, should not lose the etiquette. If you are sincere, your customers will have a good impression on you, and then again to your curtain home.

3, welcome difficult customers

we often encounter some difficult customers, do not think that this is a bad thing. Because of the connivance of the community is easy to make us lazy lazy down, no picky customers, we will not be greatly improved. Therefore, for difficult customers do not stand outside the door, but should welcome. Be patient with very picky customers and be patient. After listening to his advice and then an improvement, so that we will become increasingly perfect curtain textile shop, beyond others.

4, meet customer needs

curtain textile shop needs to meet customer needs, more for the sake of customers. Let "the customer is always right" with your work, if the customer wants a particular product, you will produce it. Sometimes, more for the sake of customers means