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could not venture Road entrepreneurs often encounter Everything is going smoothly., all kinds of setbacks and problems in entrepreneurship, these are the business can hardly be avoided, the road is not flat, a lot of the time we will be caught in the confusion, in trouble. With the fast Xiaobian look at how to deal with the problems in the


1 economic burden leads to emotional stress

operating a small business has to spend a lot of money. Small businesses usually start at thirty thousand, operating expenses are also hot pursuit. Although small family businesses spend less on their daily lives, they have to take the opportunity to invest. With a stable job to earn the desired salary and benefits are different, you have to bear the responsibility of making money for yourself. The solution is to allow some of the financial s to pay for your expenses and minimize your bills.


personal interests

3 perfect paradox

4 lacks a lot of guidance

and traditional different positions, start your own business, you must be strict with myself. When you need advice and guidance from others, you might as well ask the entrepreneur you know or respect. If you do not have access to resources, then go to the local small business development center. There will be free consultation. A counselor will change your mind and prevent yourself from becoming the biggest obstacle to your success.

5 overload work