Auto repair shop location proposal

auto repair shop location should be how to carry out? Many franchisees are aware of the importance of site selection, but for how the site is not very sure. Xiao Bian share a few suggestions, hoping to help the franchisee to do a good job in investment management, hurry to look at it.

1, of "the masses" of more than 65% customers with fixed-point and nearest maintenance habits, to repair shop, around the potential customer resources is a valuable asset, is one of the important factors to ensure the maintenance of store stability and reduce the risk of. Repair shop business radiation range is small, the surrounding potential customers in a certain extent, the survival and development of the repair shop played a big role, so the repair shop to further "the masses" in the site, built in a more concentrated area of potential customers.

in the site, first, a general statistical traffic flow range can radiate to the repair shop in the personal and corporate owned vehicle maintenance and the front of the store, if the number of vehicles is not enough to support the repair shop days after the operation, the best re location.

again, to repair shop near the vehicle owners, owners understand, they are the main objects on enterprise business scope, their economic, management status, culture degree, and the maintenance cost of the solvency, to determine the effect of repair shop management and pricing, quality to a certain extent, and management effect of days after the repair shop.