Chengdu snack shop to be wary of several reasons for failure

in the food and beverage industry, Chengdu snack bar is a very popular popular investment projects. The capital, market and other aspects, although the annual new Chengdu snack shops, but also a lot of failure. Operating a snack bar in Chengdu, there are several common causes of failure need to be vigilant.

1, short of capital.

2, lack of market information.

many Chengdu snack shop operators not to understand the operation of competitors, not to carefully analyze competitors’ business strategy is not clear, the next step will rival what measures and means to deal with their own. In particular, do not analyze the pros and cons of both sides, blindly with their own feelings, in the end often suffer.

3, the wrong strategy.

4, improper management.

5, do not understand the relevant provisions of the state.