Time to join advantage

Join the selected items have

pasta is time characteristic brand, because the face set time and timing, all the conditions, follow the restaurant brand huge development potential in the market, and to optimize the products and push the new, easy to attract and has a huge consumer groups, is a rich industry project

face time to join exactly how? What are the advantages? Look at the following details:

[face time project introduction]

time the new concept of fashion face, the film culture ingenious into noodle theme, through the store decoration, tables and chairs and other terms of the overall tone of film culture penetrated into the real noodle shop to achieve the fitting theme of the dining environment. Time to noodle wheaten food primarily, and a variety of nutrition collocation fitting theme, meet diners to pursue diet atmosphere, enjoy the delicacy and appreciate the film or television reading books, let the meal have a taste. Not only is the staple food, but also a variety of specialty drinks, so that no longer monotonous taste, but also to join the business have a greater profit point.

[time to join advantage]

1, exclusive Wealth: a time to sign the contract, enjoy the life of wealth, the monopoly of high-quality market, stable development, steady flow of profits, enjoy the priority of the grain of the project’s first agent, life-long benefit.

2, the cause of the discount by day time join headquarters to help agents area two store business development, agents will enjoy a high proportion of profits.

3, the annual discount: time to enjoy the extreme privileges of the agent, enjoy the material 15% off concessions, to ensure maximum revenue agency.

4, management rights and rights management guidance: revenue agents have area stores, daily operation management and to assist in the whole responsible for its stores, in the premise of y cooperate with the headquarters area sales plan, have high management fees rebate