Grassroots Entrepreneurship

Now there are some

we need to constantly explore some entrepreneurial projects, the need to start strategy, but there is a business called grassroots entrepreneurship, we have a look at how Cao Gensheng entrepreneurship.

"price is always less than the minimum, so I let her do clothes in the style of the most unique and novel. The customer knows that it’s our home when we go out. This requires design professional, but I will not design. When I was a child, I like to play with Bobbi, I like to match, design clothes for the doll. Open shop before, he had modified a lot of clothes. I have some experience, but I can’t draw. Entrepreneurial projects, the most profitable grassroots shop, only with the idea of Patterner, play out their own after some modification. The bigger the scale, the worse the way. What should I do? I was forced to learn!" Small dimension theory. Clothing Zhuangshan designed almost zero probability.

small dimensional shop clothes not only special style novel, in the use of color is very bold, there is a fresh feeling.

, with real, openly show themselves, not instant success, these are grassroots characteristics, the more so, the most profitable venture of the grassroots, more easily accepted by customers.

seemingly random photos, in fact, hidden mystery: "life" to make clothing more intuitive, reflect the product quality. In fact, this is to seize the buyer’s psychology, because even if the T clothes look good, if people do not seem realistic, will not give birth to the customer’s desire to buy. This is the most common way to make it easier for customers to accept."


this is a small grassroots entrepreneurial way, I hope for all of you later