Female teachers pushed monkey monkey teacher must be pregnant next semester, how so overbearing

for professional women, giving birth is equivalent to hinder the future, although women have a child to have a policy guarantee, but there is still unfair. Recently, the female teachers in Henan pushed monkey monkey, because the monkey baby is good, or because of other reasons?

Henan a private school stipulated in the contract, the school year of childbearing age female teachers the best pregnant in the next semester, "if in the last semester to pregnancy next semester can not continue to workers or halfway to resign, to bear the other teachers substitute fee and recruitment costs a total of 2000 yuan".

job rights and reproductive rights is every woman’s legal rights. No unit shall not be overstepped the national law. In other words, private schools can have their own management regulations, but not to infringe the rights and interests of women in violation of national laws. April 18, 2012, "female worker labor protection" special provisions by the State Council executive meeting, the fifth clearly stipulates: "the employer shall not be a female employee due to pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, reduce the wages to be dismissed, and labor".

"pregnant" agreement, please a little pride and prejudice. According to the person in charge of the private school, the school labor contract signed a year, the school has more than 30 female teachers, no objection when the contract was signed voluntarily." This is based on voluntary, signed the unequal contract of teachers and schools, for many teachers, do not sign means not choosing to choose this job, so there are provisions of the school suspected of kidnapping, even constituted discrimination.

and said, forcing the superior teacher pregnant sign contract practices, not the "no objection" and "voluntary" principle, which in violation of national laws for the bottom line, but should not sacrifice reproductive rights of women become the wonderful company recommended