Guangzhou 3000 business mentor has provided the 2 million entrepreneurial counseling

not only entrepreneurs become the focus of social concern, entrepreneurial mentor team also led to a new expansion. Guangdong as the most entrepreneurial opportunities in the city of Southern China, the number of entrepreneurial mentor is far more than other places. Guangdong currently has a mentor more than 3000 people, more than 2 million people to provide counseling.

8 day, organized by the Guangdong provincial Party committee and the media jointly organized a large-scale youth youth auditions held in Guangzhou. The organizers from nearly 3000 entrepreneurial projects selected 29 outstanding projects roadshow, the jury answered questions, decided by scoring the winning project. I learned from the venue, I hired a tutor at present, more than 3000 people, the line of more than 2 million people total youth entrepreneurship counseling.

the author observed in the field, "Internet +", big data applications, industrial 4 concept innovation and entrepreneurship projects become the focus of the judges. A multi lawyer asked the small and medium enterprises legal counsel platform, was evaluated very fly, there is potential, the judges in the affirmative, but also pointed out the shortcomings of the project.

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