2016 Shandong venture capital exhibition will be held in Ji’nan, Tianjin linkage

from the central to local, have launched a campaign in 2015 hit with vigour and vitality. In response to the call, 2016 Shandong venture capital exhibition will be held in Ji’nan, Tianjin. Shuangcheng simultaneously stimulate the enthusiasm of innovation and entrepreneurship.

"public entrepreneurship, innovation" as one of the important national strategy, set off a wave of entrepreneurship and innovation in the country. From central to local government has issued a series of preferential policies to support entrepreneurship and innovation in Shandong province. The government has also introduced a series of measures from the five aspects of the implementation of the strategy of employment priority, and actively promote public entrepreneurship, promote employment of college graduates and other key groups, strengthen the occupation skill training and innovation of public employment service, put forward 22 policies and measures to fully support the development of public entrepreneurship peoples innovation.

2015, in order to comply with the general office of the State Council "on the development of the public record of space propulsion mass innovation and entrepreneurship guidance", accelerate the implementation of innovation driven development strategy to adapt to the new trend of entrepreneurship, innovation mass, innovation and entrepreneurship to create a good ecological environment, stimulate the creativity of hundreds of millions of people, to create a new engine of economic development, the sixteenth session of Shandong the project of small and medium-sized enterprises entrepreneurial wealth Expo Exhibition (referred to as: "a fair) unprecedented, to stimulate the province and the National People’s entrepreneurial enthusiasm Societe Generale played an important leading and push.

2016, China Commercial Federation, bureau of small and medium enterprises in Shandong Province, Shandong satellite TV at Shuangcheng specific on March 2016 25-27, May 13-15, respectively in Ji’nan Shungeng International Convention and Exhibition Center, Meijiang International Exhibition Center in Tianjin held a fair in Ji’nan and the Tianjin exhibition exhibition, professional exhibition organization exhibition by the successful operation of 16 session of Chinese wealth project the Ji’nan Shungeng International Convention and Exhibition Center, the exhibition effect specifically, effect of exhibitors and professional service by the majority of the industry recognition, has become China’s merchants, investment of the big party, enjoys a good reputation in the industry.

for merchants to find investment opportunities for entrepreneurs, investment will be able to get more business opportunities, but also can enjoy the special discount to join in the future, this will become a recommendation to build investment show