Community convenience store O2O whether to burn to the last

O2O marketing model continues to become popular, community electricity supplier O2O has become a new trend, which is to meet the needs of the public online consumer. Industry popularity bursting, and the competition is extremely fierce, who can go to the end?

first is to burn? How to burn


first is how standardization of service businesses, many businesses in the cultural level is not high, some people even can’t use a computer, how in the controllable cost, to mobilize the enthusiasm of the business, to ensure quality of service, ensure the delivery time and delivery rate, it is still a challenge.

followed by the market format complex, including supermarkets, department stores, convenience stores, couples fresh fruit shop platform, also includes an online business platform and home service platform. In this game system, the role of a variety of each other is what kind of CO opetition relationship? Who can do the most important factor is the most important?.

and competition within the industry is also very clear rules. Competition is who can control more drivers, pull more orders. For investors, their decision-making basis is also relatively clear, look at a bunch of entrepreneurs PK, and then pick the first place, pick second, PK game from the beginning to the end, it may be two years.

I think the convenience store

sea tactics?

Chinese now the human cost is actually quite expensive, many of our competitors have to send gifts to do community activities, crazy recommendation