10 maxims for entrepreneurs

entrepreneurship is not easy, different entrepreneurs will encounter different problems in the process of entrepreneurship. However, when dealing with the problem, the mentality has similarities. If you want to start a business, you might as well take a look at the following 10 entrepreneurial proverbs.

1, not all risks are dangerous.

2, business oriented, family time.

3, follow your hobby is wrong.

should first find a good business model. You may want to do something great, such as the elimination of hunger in the world, but it may not be a good business. In any Hatsubasa Mitoyo business, you will inevitably find something that is not so pleasant, but it must be done, such as unfamiliar marketing, or dismissal of inefficient employees. Just do something interesting, just a legend.

4, for their own boss is not necessarily a good thing.

5, give up the worst customer.

6, ignoring challenges is a good thing.