Cow mom an electric business community aimed at the recovery of postpartum business

cow mother, after a lot of 85 young mothers postpartum may not strange, is a project worthy of the name of 020 maternal, this model is now the bright younger generation, many projects, why business is so good, let us listen to the founder of Nie Weiwei’s answer, see what makes them win in the electricity intensive District, get success.

lactation services and postpartum recovery are the two main businesses of the dairy cow. Nie Weiwei said, "I chose to do this brand is a part of their own experience, but the most important part is that this is a piece of the market has not been fully tapped, now is a chance to make a brand."

postpartum service Internet based

cow mother do is the door of the postpartum service, in addition to lactation business and postpartum shaping, as well as physical recuperation and dysmenorrhea conditioning a total of four parts. One of the heavy head is the lactation business, because there are 90% of the women are facing the problem of milk production is not smooth.

in fact, under the line of the dairy industry has been there for more than and 10 years, called "XX mother" postpartum service stores are very common. But after more than and 10 years of development of postpartum service line under has not yet formed a reliable brand, need to go to the store and women to accept the service, so he left the internet post natal care are now in great opportunity project.

in addition, line shop also is not a good solution to the needs of women, because women can’t leave him for too long, leave after 30 minutes can produce anxiety.

in fact, in addition to the next line stores, and now there are many free practitioners engaged in postpartum services. But these free practitioners quality is not good to control, a problem and difficult responsibility. So through the company’s way of post natal home service, will be more recognized by the user.

Nie Weiwei said the maternal and child market is a market of hundreds of billions, which accounted for 70% of postpartum services market. The mother cow and customer price is only 200 yuan, with the next line store hundreds of thousands of customer price compared to the customer is very attractive.

The mother covered

cows purchase rate is 48%, and the user word of mouth effect is very obvious, there are 78% new users by sharing WeChat public number name card in, a special phenomenon which is the mother industry. At present, the opening of the milk service is the highest frequency of service provided by the mother, serving about 100 minutes. It is intimate contact with the mother of these 100 minutes, is to stimulate other projects.

in the course of the service, the mother of the mother of the service division will give the new mother to explain the nursing, nursing and other matters, and the new mother will produce counseling