n contemporary society we rely on what money

many people get rich through their own business, especially in the modern society, facing the entrepreneurial market huge crowd, what we rely on to make money, by repeatedly staged a new fortune myth repeatedly explained that only by working hard, spread by the original, by controlling the way can make money era is or has in the past. So what to make money today?

by the concept of money, is through the use of mining, new concept, to give the product a very distinct characteristics, in order to attract target customers, this is a conventional weapon in the war "in recent years".

by the concept of money, where is the secret of success? First, we must y understand the needs of the target customer base. Second to meet the needs of the product with the target customers to appreciate and pursue the concept of the associated. So, how to develop the concept of the product? – a grafting method, such as today’s concept of environmental protection; two extension method, such as the concept of green.


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