ncrease in the total supply of housing for the protection of housing in Xining light green

As a priority in Xining city affordable housing land, city land departments to increase the total land supply for housing, affordable housing to meet the supply of land for affordable housing land, expand the channels, this year Xining plans to supply 292.64 hectares of residential land, affordable housing 69.29 hectares of land for affordable housing construction. With the "green light".

docking with the real estate sector, the City Land Bureau on the 2013 annual affordable housing land detailed division, city level affordable housing land for 19 cases, of which 3 were for, 4 cases without for 2 cases, from the lake district for the land, 10 cases have been included in the annual for the program. City Land Bureau in strict accordance with the requirements of the municipal government, low-income housing for the land as an important work of the deployment, actively coordinate the property, planning and construction departments, solve related technical problems, perfect for handling, to ensure that this year the city affordable housing target of the successful completion of the task. (author: Fang Xu)