Combined with the reality of Xining to carry out thematic activities

According to the provincial Party committee to carry out "pay attention together, to do, to study and implement the spirit of general secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech series deepen the theme activities deployment, according to the actual situation of Xining City, and carry out the theme activities.

it is reported that the theme practice activities, Party members and cadres in Xining City, especially the leading cadres above the county level on the basis of in-depth study and understand the spirit of general secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech series, closely combined with the base construction, three strict three special education, grassroots and the masses to carry out investigation and research, solicit opinions and suggestions to the masses the outstanding problems, and comprehensive development to find influence and restrict the prominent problems affecting social harmony and stability, party spirit and discipline the masses salient issues. And to find out the problem of in-depth analysis of the reasons especially the subjective reasons, clarify the development of ideas, the formation of the Department in the region focus on mastery, do analysis apply to the inspection report, which shall be published in a certain range, the timely development of the implementation of the rectification program, set a timetable and roadmap, to further clarify the measures to solve outstanding problems. As of now, Xining city "construction" for two years to see 46 key tasks effect "has completed 32, the completion rate was 70%. According to the three three real strict, in the theme of practical activities, the municipal organs leadership on the basis of study and understand the spirit of general secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech series, consisting of 4 research groups, in-depth 31 municipal Party organizations to carry out research, held a total of 31 field research forum, the forum staff of 437 people, released a survey 437 copies of the questionnaire, mainly from 6 aspects of 41 specific forms, revealing problems, analyze the causes, formation of the rectification work program implementation of the notification, effectively solve the outstanding problems.Since the