Clear responsibilities and the province of Xining, 320 members of the association will be uniform dr

September 9th, the reporter learned from the Xining Municipal Bureau of transportation, this week, Xining City, the 320 members of the association will be uniform dress.

co workers have been a month, and they are in the downtown area of Xining to guide people to take the zebra crossing, has been recognized by many people. Whistle…… Many people are aware of the importance of safety. However, do not obey the command, the identity of the members of the community also questioned many. A Zhang Xieqin reluctantly told reporters that once, he led an old man across the street, the other side not only listen, also said: "you is what people, what do I listen to you?" In that case, the co workers feel very embarrassed.

55 year old warden Zhang Shufa to work clothes, with a big smile told reporters, wearing the same clothes, after the whistle to guide the public to take the zebra crossing is more confident. It is understood that the Xining municipal government to raise funds for the distribution of uniform uniforms. Chen, director of the Xining Municipal Transportation Bureau of transportation said: "the clothes armband is written" traffic ", which makes it clear that the warden identity and responsibility, that is to guide people to obey the traffic rules."