Western civilization to write the most beautiful sunset style

The twelve Party Congress spirit of

Province in the government not only need to learn to communicate, retired cadres are eager to learn seriously, therefore, the twelve provincial Party Congress Spirit cadres learning will be held in the West district.

over the years, the west district government attaches great importance to the work of veteran cadres, love their lives, in the care of old cadres work, conscientiously implement the old cadres, political life treatment, guide cadres retired from play heat, work, retirement to reclaim the wisdom, has written a beautiful sunset style. Especially this year, the party’s eighteen upcoming, Xining start fine management, the old town district management work has also moved toward the refinement process.

thousand miles to send warm retired cadres sense party grace

in March 8th 6, Liaoning Dalian has large snowflakes, cold biting, condolences group from the West District of Xining City, but to the 8 families living there to bring a warm, West District Bureau of retired cadres of staff to live in Liaoning 8 retired cadres from the district government’s greetings and care.

last year the Mid Autumn Festival, national day, led by the district leadership condolences working group from the West District of Xining city of Sichuan, to Shaanxi, Henan and other places, to the west of the city began to offsite living of retired cadres to visit condolences.

this is not going to make a sightseeing tour, not just, braved the heat, condolences to the group members everywhere, in a timely manner to convey the district government leaders of the old comrades of greetings, a detailed understanding of the old cadre’s life and health, to convey the spirit of the thirteen Party Congress Party, the solution of old cadres in different conditions of life, in a timely manner to coordinate and solve the difficulties. At the same time, condolences group also sent 1000 yuan relief funds, gifts and promotion of "western" for each of the old comrades.

according to reports, this remote condolences visit system every two years, last year a total of condolences to remote old cadres, 23 party members, the old cadres who learned the change and development of the west, and a detailed understanding of the life and health of old cadres, listen to the old comrades and heart sound, take care of the party and warmth to them.

always concerned about the life of the old cadres, is the West District Party committee, the district government has been an important livelihood policy for many years, the only way to work is a microcosm of sympathy. Every year the Spring Festival or major festivals, West District, the leadership of the four groups will be grouped in a series of activities to carry out a series of condolences to the old cadres.

has the most beautiful sunset in the west style

is not only a sense of security, more happy. To this end, the west district every year to organize a variety of activities, and constantly enrich the cultural life of veteran cadres.

June 10, 2011, the west area to celebrate the ninetieth anniversary of the CPC founding and the eleventh session of the Xining City three county four district cadres croquet tournament held in Simon stadium stadium gate, 56 athletes all hale and hearty;